Friends of Music Association of Samothrace "Harmony Genesi
Kamariotissa Samothrakis

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Information: e focus also on the task of music education to develop their musical and expressive abilities of children and leads to spiritual integration and harmony. Wanting to promote culture through the art of music, and invest in local human resources, combining traditional and classical music education contributing thus to the understanding, preservation and dissemination and the rich musical tradition of the place. For these reasons, establishing the objectives of our relating to:
* dissemination of music education in Samothraki
* cultivation and development of choral music
* promote classical and traditional music to create a
* new music
* nursery cultivation of love for
* music in the development of a highly aware and demanding audience, and
* to raise the intellectual and cultural level of the ground.
To achieve these objectives, under our operating segments of the musical language learning (prep, theory-solfez) and teaching musical instruments (piano, guitar). We created the Children's Joint-«Choir Samothrace» which is staffed by young and old students of the Boards of theoretical courses, and constantly enrich the repertoire of organizing concerts and presenting to the public voice of Samothrace music tracks. The immediate plans of our Choir, in addition to its contribution to the musical happenings of the site is to make concerts - excursions to other parts of Greece, as well as hosting such musical-choral groups in Samothrace, in order to exchange proposals and music ideas.