Samothrace Children Choir
Friends of Music Association of Samothrace "Harmony Genesis"

Kamariotissa Samothrakis

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Information: Samothrace's Children Choir was founded in November 2004 with the support of the municipality of Samothrace. But the idea for the creation was from the festival «Music in Samothraki» that was organized by the famous pianist Domna Evnouchidou, and in which operated, among others, a choral workshop for children on the island. Objectives of the choir is to bring children into contact with the song through the voice and choral whole experience from very early beneficial effects of music. We focus also on the task of music education to develop musical and expressive abilities of children and lead them to spiritual integration and harmony. The choir is staffed by children from 7 to 17 years, who follow parallel courses of solfez-statutory theory and piano, and many of them are studing classic or traditional instruments (guitar, traditional violin, zither, and percussion). The beginner students aged 5-7 years old, attend at least two years of the solo song, and slowly pass the polyphonic choral singing. The choir constantly enrich the repertoire, with works by Greek and foreign composers, with emphasis on understanding, preservation and dissemination of the rich musical tradition of the place, such as the tribute to the musical recordings of the scholar Nicholas Fardis at Samothrace in the 19th century. The immediate plans of the choir, in addition to its contribution to the music scene of the island, is the holding of concerts and other parts of Greece, as well as hosting such musical-choral groups in Samothrace, to exchange musical ideas and proposals. Since February 2007 the choir is under the auspices of the Association of Friends of Music Samothrace: «Harmony Genesis».